as this industry is your target group, THIS STATEMENT is key FOR YOUR MARKETING

100% YOUR TARGET audience

The VNCI is The Royal Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry. “Virtually every chemical company in the Netherlands – whether big or small – is a member of our association.”

100% focus

VNCI information is need-to-read material for your target audience. A sensible place to be visible.

100% Reliable

VNCI is a credible sender for your target audience. It is of great value to communicate in such a trusted setting.

100% sharing of knowledge

The place where the chemical industry gathers knowledge. It is allways the right place ánd the right time.

Authority & reliability

Everything in the chemical industry is about reliability.
The same applies for the information that is needed to operate. 

The VNCI is the trusted and respected provider of this kind of information, which is crucial in this critical industry,

GDPR & your newsletter

Since “GDPR” it all started to get complicated.

Today it is harder than ever to come in contact with the market and decisionmakers get irritated easily nowadays, due to aggressive targettting and overload.

This VNCI platform is the elegant solution because through the VNCI you project the same percieved trust to your target audience.

joining this platform + SEO

Targeting from different angles is essential nowadays. The VNCI is using them all.

Twitter & Linkedin & Website & Newsletter & Magazine

Being the VNCI, she generates attention.
This is a guarantee for traffic to her content and to your promotion.

SEO at its best:

GOOGLE knows that the VNCI is the highest authority in this industry. GOOGLE will notice your repeated presence in the VNCI network and will boost your ranking for chemical related searches considerably.

best of both worlds

Half 2021 the chemical industry got a centralized online platform for all the information provided by the VNCI.

Her leading publication Chemie Magazine got an digital twin-sister. Online published on the main website

This is now a need-to-read information-hub for the entire chemical industry. Freely admissible for everyone regardless of their location.

The original source, this trusted publication Chemie Magazine remains.

Best of both:

By doing so Chemie Magazine offers you the best of both worlds: 6x a year print  + non-stop online (website + vnci email nieuwsletter)

chemie magazine (CM)

Published 6x a year (year 62)
Copies = 3000 each edition
Readers = 20.000 each edition

Advertorials are allowed (size=full page).


FULL page
1x: € 1105,–
3x: € 1005,–
6x: €  895,– 

HALF page
1x: € 610,–
3x: € 545,–
6x: € 485,–

Pricing for each – excl VAT

VNCI - CM news Site

Your promotion will be highly visible on the right-hand side on all the pages in the period agreed upon.

Effective billboarding & namedropping

TIP: link your banner to your whitepaper page

SEO: GOOGLE will definitely register your presence here.


Banner size: 300 x 250 pixels
File type: gif
Animated banners are allowed

€ 850,– a month (excl VAT)

vnci newsletter

Published once a week.

3.500 subscribers

there is no better SEO tool than having your link in this VNCI domain.

FREE for our clients.

Ordering multiple ads in Chemie Magazine or banners on the website will result in having banners in the VNCI email newsletter for free.

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