H2O-PARTNER = the solution

for a growing communication problem

Being a H2O-PARTNER is the solution

it is critical for your company to start communicating from a trusted need-to-read platform, if you want to come in contact with your target group  


365 days online

Unlimited your content on the H2O frontpage. 27,000 unique visitors per month! Your own CONTENT-PAGE on the H2O website


INCLUDED VALUE: € 2500,-- TWO full pages (or 4 half pages or 2 months your banner on H2O website)
H2O magazine is published 9x a year. Print + email distribution; copies: 4.500 ex

KNW / H2O nws brief

INCLUDED VALUE: € 2250,-- also included: TEN advertorials or banners in TEN KNW-H2O newsletters.

Published twice a week 6.000 subscribers

Start to communicate where your targetgroup is

H2O is owned and published by the Royal Dutch Waternetwork (KNW). The KNW is the highest authority in this industry.

H2O information is need-to-read material for your target audience. A sensible place to be visible.

The H2O website generates 400.000 pageviews and 27.000 unique visitors every month !!  

H2O-partners are presented prominently in the centre of the front page <CLICK HERE>.

So, H2O-partners communicate exactly there where the target audience is gathering information.

 It is of great value to communicate in such a trusted setting. 

Your own page on h20-website

So beside promotion in this leading H2O magazine (or extra banners on the website) AND the promotion in TEN newsletters, you will have your own content (incl your VIDEOS) on three online locations
  1. the H2O website  frontpage (LINK)  
  2. on the H2O partner-content page (LINK)  
  3. your profile page: ww.h2owaternetwerk.nl/partnercontent/YOURNAME
By presenting this information here, your target audience will get a very complete picture  of your expertise.

IMPORTANT: And they do not need to leave a trusted website to come in contact with you.


It is better to inform your target audience where it already is.

Example: https://www.h2owaternetwerk.nl/h2opartnercontent/van-onze-partner-mous 

authority & trust

Products and services are becoming increasingly complex. 

Nonsense & Overload & Timing

Since “GDPR” (dutch: AVG) it all started to get complicated.

Today it is harder than ever, to come in contact with the market and decisionmakers get irritated easily nowadays, due to aggressive targettting and overload.

This KNW/H2O platform is the elegant solution because through the KNW you project the same perceived trust to your target audience.

Ransom software & trust in the source

Fear of getting hacked is very real in this “critical industry”.
This has a big impact on your marketing.  Therefore, use a stage that your target group has trusted for years. 

your marked is receptive when the sender is trustworthy

The total package is only € 4500,– for 365 days.

So on top of having the right to publish an unlimited amount (*) of content online, it includes EXTRA promotion, as explaned above, with a value of € 2500 + € 2250,– = € 4750,– (!)

Very reasonable pricing is possible as The Royal Dutch Waternetwork is not a commercial publisher.

It goes without saying that the mix of the extra promotion can be customized to your needs. So you can skip the print ads and order more newsletter advertorials or banners in stead.

Example:  Bannering/billboarding op de H2O website
Example:  banners / advertorials in KNW / H2O newsletters. (*) fair use policy
We will take care of the layout.

You can sent us your content the moment this H2O partnership is effective.

WORD files / PDF’s / Youtube / webinar recordings  / podcasts etc etc

Do not forget to use material that is allready on your own website